The Leatharcore manifesto


The fashion industry needs a revolution.
Leatharcore is part of the revolution.
Costume is Fashion.
Fashion is Costume.
Bondage is Fashion.
Fashion is a performance.
Gender is a performance.
Exibitionism is performance.
We are what we wear.
We are expansive and powerful.
What we wear shows who we are.
Gender is what YOU make it.
Gender is a man made rule.
Fashion rules are man made rules.
Man made rules NEED to be broken.
Make your own boundaries.
Make your own rules.
We are Nature.
Nature adores the novel.
Nature CAN NOT be normal.
Nature is sacred.
We are sacred.
Leather is sacred.
From the beginning of time humans have worn animal skin.
Leather is deeper than fashion, it is armor and warmth, protection and distinction.
Animals are truly honored by giving them enternal life by creating functional art from their skin.
We are animals, we are monsters, we are morbid, we are cyclical.
We need garments that last our life time.
We need garments that make a statement.
Fast Fashion is busted.
Fast Fashion distroys, it disrespects tailors and craftsmen and it pollutes our planet and universe.
Fast Fashion is bound to fall.
Sustainable Fashion will rise.
The Runway Is Everywhere.
Leatharcore is recreating the way you see the runway.
Leatharcore is 100% leather.
Leatharcore sources 100% hides from the meat industry, never hunters and poachers.
Leatharcore 100% operations in the US, never outsourcing to slave labor countries.
Leatharcore is 100% original, never copying other artists.
Leatharcore is integrity, literally and metaphysically.
"Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?..." ~Frank the Bunny


Designer and Creator:

Apaulo Hart


Growing up as a queer outsider in the 90's Apaulo found solace in the loving arms of "underground"music, horror films, fetish magazines, and BDSM. These strongholds are where his inspiration and style were solidified. His eclectic artistic experience includes graphic design, live painting, tattoo, and performing burlesque on the Spanish Web. He developed and polished his skill in leathercraft while working for Mr. S. Leather in San Francisco CA for four years. His hands-on experience and understanding of fetish-fashion history guarantees true durability and surprising innovation. Today Apaulo is the sole designer of Leatharcore and constructs each piece of wearable art lovingly by hand. His passion has helped him design for drag queens, rock operas, musicians, and performers.

“I am grateful to be the transgendered weirdo that I am (not all trans kids are weirdos, and not all weirdos are trans, to be clear.). I embrace my differences and wear them proudly because to be unique is to be precious metal among brittle rock.” ~Apaulo Hart