Apaulo Hart is a queer artist and leather fashion designer based in Mendocino Ca.  Learning to sew when he was ten years old he uses his intuition and raw creativity in his designs.  Having a rodeo-rider cowboy for a grandfather he learned to love leather and ride horses at a young age. He is mostly self-taught with some skills developed while working for four years at Mr. S. Leather Production in San Francisco Ca.  His eclectic artistic experience include graphic design, live painting, tattoo, and performing burlesque on the Spanish Web. His experience and understanding combines unique innovation with sustainable durability that has helped him design for drag queens, rock opera, and Queer Fashion Week.




Leatharcore is an emerging avant garde fashion brand founded in the bay area by fashion designer Apaulo Hart. Leatharcore unites high fashion and kink style with utilitarian artisan craftsmanship. 
Leatharcore is 100% leather, and handmade by Apaulo hart.
Leatharcore sources all materials from the USA, and all of the hides used are from the meat industry, never hunters and poachers.  
Leatharcore designs for outsiders, queers, kinksters, performers, and anyone who wants to make a statement and stand out. 
Leatharcore represents intimate integrity and sacred style, strong enough to play in and hot enough for the runway.
Leatharcore is wearable art that will blow your mind and last your lifetime.